Robinson R44

The four seat Robinson helicopter is the worlds best selling helicopter for a reason. It is simply the best at operating safely and very efficiently in a variety of light utility roles and economical helicopter transportation. The R44 cruises at about 120 mph and is ideal for aerial photography, survey and inspection.

We operate 3 different models of the R44 including: The R44 Raven, The R44 Electronic News Gathering Helicopter, and the R44 Police Helicopter.

The R44 ENG helicopter includes:

  • Full 5 axis stabilized HD video with an Ikegami HDL-25 camera and Canon HJ22 HD 22x lens.
  • It also includes a Panasonic P2 HD Mobile recorder and BMS digital helicoder microwave downlink.
  • The ENG helicopter can accommodate a pilot, cameraman and passenger with a seat limit of 250lbs.
The R44 Police helicopter includes:
  • Stabilized Forward Looking Infrared camera and color camera
  • FLIR Ultra 8000
  • digital recording deck
  • SX-5 Night Sun Search light
  • PA and siren system
  • Multi-band law enforcement radio system
  • Street level moving map and guidance system
  • The police helicopter can accommodate a pilot, tactical flight officer, and 1 additional observer.
The R44 Raven
  • Cruise Speed: 120 mph
  • Number of Passenger Seats: 3
  • Comfortably accommodates 2 to 3 passengers and pilot
  • Maximum passenger weight per seat: 300lbs (250lbs in front passenger seat of ENG helicopter)
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 100 nautical mile range with reserve: 650lbs
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 200 nautical mile range with reserve: 565lbs
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 300 nautical mile range with reserve: 470lbs

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