Mercury Aviation, Inc.
1649 Flowood Drive
Flowood, MS 39232

p: 601.939.1898
f: 601.939.1883

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Driving Directions:
From I-20 West:
Take the Flowood Exit, 47 and continue north on Flowood Drive. Go straight through the intersection with HWY80 and then continue north on Flowood Drive for 2.5 miles. On your left you will see a large blue building with ConSteelCo on the front of the building. Turn left on to the gravel drive. Follow gravel drive approximately 200 yards and turn right at the Mercury Aviation sign and follow the road to our parking area adjacent to the brown hangar.

From I-20 East:
Take the Flowood Exit 47b. Circle under the interstate and continue north on Flowood Drive. Go straight through the intersection with HWY 80 and continue north on Flowood Drive with above directions.

From Lakeland Drive (HWY 25):
If coming from Jackson: Cross Pearl River Bridge. Right past Applebee's, turn right on Treetops Blvd. Follow Treetops south for 1/2 mile until it T's into Flowood Drive. Turn right on to Flowood and continue for 1.4 miles. You will go through 1 stoplight and Flowood drive will turn into a 4 lane road. Look for the blue ConSteelCo building on your right and turn on to the gravel drive leading to ConSteelCo. At the gate, turn right and proceed up the paved road to our brown hangar in the middle of our 100 acre field.

If flying to our location:
Our official designator is MS90. It is represented on some databases, but not all.

The Lat/Long is; N32º18.817 W90º08.592

We are 3.4nm west of Jackson International Airport, JAN and 4.2nm east southeast of Hawkins Airport, HKS. We are also 7.8nm south of Madison Airport, MBO.

If flying in from north or east of Jackson (JAN), contact Jackson Approach on 123.90. If coming in from the south or west, contact Jackson Approach on 125.25. Let them know you are in bound for Metro Heliport or Flowood Industrial, we are known by either.

Metro Heliport's Unicom is 123.00. It is sometimes monitored from the ground during the day, but has very limited range from the ground.

We land in the grassy area abeam the western most hangar and taxi to park on either of the concrete pads in front of the western hangar. Jet A and Avgas are available on the eastern concrete pad next to the fuel locker.

We usually make right traffic if landing to the south and left traffic if landing to the north. This keeps us out of the traffic pattern for Jackson International, JAN. For noise abatement, we try to stay over the river levies to our immediate north and west for arrivals and departures. We suggest a minimum altitude of 1000 msl and preferably 1,500 msl while in the Jackson area to fly neighborly.

Be aware of traffic at the Hawkins Airport especially if arriving from the west. Hawkins is a class D facility and should be contacted prior to entry in to the control zone. If you contact Jackson Approach, they can help coordinate your transition through Hawkins Class D or Jackson's Class C enroute to Metro Heliport.

Also be aware of high density helicopter traffic in the area. Not only are there typically 4 or 5 helicopters routinely operating from our facility, but there is helicopter EMS flights routinely operating from University Medical Center's rooftop heliport about 2nm to our northwest.

When departing our facility, contact Jackson Approach on 125.25 and let them know which way you are heading and requested altitude before you depart. If you have difficulty raising them from the ground, you may have to hover out in to our open field, but Approach should be contacted prior to breaking tree line.

Important Local Frequencies:

  • MS90 Unicom 123.00
  • Jackson (JAN) ATIS 121.05
  • Jackson (JAN) Approach 125.25 south and west, 123.90 north and east
  • Jackson (JAN) Tower 120.90
  • Hawkins Tower (HKS) 119.65
  • Madison (MBO) 122.80
  • Raymond Airport (M16) 122.80


1649 Flowood Drive | Flowood, MS 39232-2526 | P: 601.939.1898 | F: 601.939.1883