Bell 206 BIII Jet Ranger

The Bell Jet Ranger is the most widely recognizable helicopter in the world. It has one of the longest production runs of any commercial helicopter and has one of the best safety records for any single engine aircraft. It is unbeatable as an extremely versatile aircraft capable of performing a wide array of services. Our Jet Ranger includes the following mission, comfort and safety equipment:

Full Environmental Control System with heat, defrost and air conditioning, leather seats with crew and passenger safety harnesses, crew and passenger wedge windows, sliding specialty video/photography rear window, high visibility strobes and high visibility rotor blades for safety, Satellite flight tracking, on board GPS based NEXRAD radar, and state of the art GPS based navigation system.

  • Cruise Speed: 120 mph
  • Number of Passenger seats; 4
  • Comfortably seats: 3 passengers
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 100 nautical mile range with reserve: 950lbs
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 200 nautical mile range with reserve: 750lbs
  • Allowable payload (pax and baggage), 300 nautical mile range with reserve: 550lbs

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